We have exciting plans fo a litter between Evie and Dennis around July /August


EVIE  is a wonderful KC reg fully health tested bitch and she is CLEAR of the following genetic conditions that can be found in the Labrador Retriever. She has a wonderful nature and temperament and as your typical Labrador loves a ball and loves the water. She is very biddable and a very easy all-round dog with a great passion to please. She does everything asked of her and gives it 100%. Hood with other animals and children . 

AxD : Clear 

Cystinuria : Clear 

Narcolepsy : Clear 

ACHM : Clear 

MTM1 (XLMTM) : Clear 

PRA (cord1) : Clear 

CT : Clear 

CMS : Clear 

Canine Elliptocytosis : Clear 

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Test: Clear ( Annually ) 

HUU : Clear 

DM : Clear 

prcd-PRA : Clear 

HNPK : Clear 

SD2 (dwarfism) : Clear 

EIC : Clear 

CNM : Clear 

Hips 2/2

Elbows 0/0 

RD/OSD : Clear 

MCD : Clear 

STGD: Clear

COI 4.4%

Evie's EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) are ELBOWS -30 and HIPS -77 (both low risk)

Evie  Dora is out of LOUANNEMAY GINNYS GIRL who also has some excellent health testing including 0/0 hip and 0/0 elbows her EBVs are ELBOWS -5 and HIPS -103 (Both low risk) .she is sired by MASTER MCCAIG OF CUAN MOR who is equally matched with his 0/0 hips and 0/0 

elbows his EBV ARE -53 ELBOWS and  -57 HIPS (both low risk).




Dennis is Big strong fox red dog, great bone to him, nice broad head, a level headed dog with a great game finding nose on him. Very happy with how he’s coming on. Dennis has completed a full season out picking up, very steady to falling game, proving to be a good marker and game finder. As well as all  that he is a very valued member of out stud team but most of all our family . Dennis is out of KENTIXEN HANDS UP Hips 4/2 Elbows 0/0 EBVs -18 ELBOWS and -18 HIPS ( both low risk ) and is sire by FOSTERWOLD SNIPE Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0 EBVs -24 ELBOWS -33 HIPS 


Dennis is DNA tested =


SD2 Clear

EIC Clear 

CNM Clear

MCD Clear

STGD Clear

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Test clear(Annually)

HNPK Clear

Hips 2/3

Elbows 0/0

PK Clear

CMS Clear

AxD Clear

MTM1 Clear


ACHM Clear

HUU Clear


ADI Clear 

RD/OSD Clear

Dennis’s  EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) are ELBOWS -24 and HIPS -34 (both low risk) 

Both parents are comprehensively tested above most litters you see. As a result every puppy in this litter is guaranteed to be hereditary clear of all the above listed DNA tests .Health and temperament are most important to us . 

The puppies will be born beside my bed and then moved into the kitchen where they quickly get use to all the household noises, that you would expect in a busy country farm house. 

The puppies are being weaned onto fish4dogs .

Before leaving us at 8 weeks your puppy will have been given the best start in life and will be well socialised. He/she will have been on a very strict worming programme and treated with front line at 6 weeks to prevent fleas. The puppies will be microchipped at 6 weeks and vet checked as close to 8 weeks as possible. 

Not only will the puppies be use to all the household noises but they will also get to experience our purpose built enrichment puppy room. This will give them the freedom to explore and play with plenty of space. Our Early Development Puppy Play area  was created to support early stimulation and cognitive development in young puppies. Studies regarding early neurological stimulation in puppies have confirmed that one of the critical periods for canines to be stimulated is between 4 and 16 weeks of age. Research has shown that non-stimulated pups may become fearful of unfamiliar objects and will withdraw rather than investigate. Even well bred puppies with superior pedigree could grow up preferring the safe environment of their kennels/crates rather than the stimulating world outside, and may also be more difficult to train. We believe our Puppy Play Areas ,coupled with interesting puppy toys, introduces puppies to different textures, sounds, and stimulates their developing nervous systems. We understand the importance of raising stable, well adjusted and confident puppies. Exposing them to many different sounds and textures during their early weeks will give them a great head start. 

Please feel free to contact with any other questions I haven’t already answered in my add . I am advertising this litter early to give families time To get to know me over the phone , in txt and when you view the puppies  . I want to be able to keep in touch regularly over the next couple of months  with everyone sending you updated photos and progress reports weekly.


£300 NON refundable deposit/holding fee is required to hold your chosen puppy.The puppies will leave us for their new homes with a puppy pack  &

kc documents Endorsed


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