🤎🤎 READY NOW 🤎🤎   All going well our Gorgoeus Twix and Webley from Verrad Labradors will be having their very 2nd  litter together of Chocolate puppies  ready to leave us early JANUARY 2024 . She had a very successful mating with the stunning Saint Laurence of verrad and is now confirmed pregnant with 8 plus puppies .    Webley ….Saint Laurence of verrad is Comprehensively health tested , fantastic working chocolate pedigree, great picking up dog with an amazing temperament to match and we chose him as he Compliments Twix lovely with a VERY  low COI of only 0.6% ( Breed average is 6.6%) and is best matched to go with her own clear DNA, colour , Hips ,Elbows and clear Eye test . He is a hard hunting, fast game finder, for his age, his natural ability is amazing .   He has perfect hips and elbows and Factastic DNA . •Hips 0/0( THE BEST )  •Elbows 0/0 ( THE BEST YOU CAN GET)  •Clear eye test certificate DNA CLEAR FOR  •Prcd-PRA •CNM •SD2 •HNPK •EIC •XLMTM •PK Deficiency  •Cystinuria •Alexander Disease •Obesity •Narcolepsy •Hyperuricosuria •EXON 2 •STGD •RD/OSD •MCD He is coat colour tested and doesn’t carry the yellow gene meaning every puppy in this litter will be chocolate.  His sire is the many working award winning Grangemead Pluto, his dam being out of FTW Styleside Xanadu, a fantastic working chocolate pedigree.   Twix ….. Kenxtwen Miss Covert is our stunning ,Fit,stylish and very Bidable Bitch . Twix has proven extreamly easy to train and will fetch from land or water all day long . She is very well trained and has wonderful recall and although we do not work Twix ourselves she is very capable of doing so .  She is wonderful with children and all other animals big and small and is 100% in nature and temperament. We have her Dayghter from last years litter and she is stunning .  Twix has the following health Testing -   AxD : Clear  Cystinuria : Clear  Narcolepsy : Clear  ACHM : Clear  MTM1 (XLMTM) : Clear  PRA (cord1) : Clear  CT : Clear  CMS : Clear  Canine Elliptocytosis : Clear  BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Test: Clear 2022  HUU : Clear  DM : Clear  prcd-PRA : Clear  HNPK : Clear  SD2 (dwarfism) : Clear  EIC : Clear  CNM : Clear  STGD : clear  MCD : clear  RD/ OSD : clear  HIPS 5/4 ANKC ELBOWS 0/0 ANKC    Puppies from the litter would excel as working dogs , Agility, Active family pets or even Therapy dogs .    Both parents are extensively tested above most litters you see especially for Chocolate litters . As a result every puppy in this litter is guaranteed to be hereditary clear or unaffected of all the above listed DNA tests .Health and temperament are most important to us .    The puppies will be born beside my bed and then moved into the kitchen where they quickly get use to all the household noises, that you would expect in a busy country farm house.  The puppies are being weaned onto Fish4dogs  dry kibble .  Before leaving us at 8 weeks your puppy will have been given the best start in life and will be well socialised. He/she will have been on a very strict worming programme and treated with front line at 6 weeks to prevent fleas. The puppies will be microchipped at 6 weeks and vet checked as close to 8 weeks as possible.  Not only will the puppies be use to all the household noises but they will also get to experience our purpose built enrichment puppy room. This will give them the freedom to explore and play with plenty of space. Our Early Development Puppy Play area  was created to support early stimulation and cognitive development in young puppies. Studies regarding early neurological stimulation in puppies have confirmed that one of the critical periods for canines to be stimulated is between 4 and 16 weeks of age. Research has shown that non-stimulated pups may become fearful of unfamiliar objects and will withdraw rather than investigate. Even well bred puppies with superior pedigree could grow up preferring the safe environment of their kennels/crates  rather than the stimulating world outside, and may also be more difficult to train. We believe our Puppy Play Areas,coupled with interesting puppy toys, introduces puppies to different textures, sounds, and stimulates their developing nervous systems. We understand the importance of raising stable, well adjusted and confident puppies. Exposing them to many different sounds and tetures during their early weeks will give them a great head start.    Please  feel free to contact with any other questions I haven’t already answered in my add . I am advertising this litter early to give families time To get to know me over the phone , in txt and when you view the puppies  . I want to be able to keep in touch regularly over the next couple of months  with everyone sending you updated photos and progress reports rather then advertise when they are ready and only have limited conversation £300 ‼️NON‼️refundable deposit/ holding fee is required to hold your chosen puppy . Once you have left your deposit we will then update weekly with progress reports . Once the puppies are over 6 weeks you will be invited to come and view the puppies and at this stage chose which puppy you would like if you haven’t  already done so and this will be done in order of deposits  taken to make it fair for everyone and also with my help . The  puppies will leave us for their new homes with a puppy pack containing  vet check report  puppy contract  toys kc documents ‼️Endorsed ‼️ 5 weeks Insurance  blanket  brush  bowl  puppy pads  poo bags  food  Thank you for reading our advert and we look forward to hearing from you here at Sykehead and be able to keep you informed on progress along the way .

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